New chairs!

Ron ordered new office chairs for us before Christmas and we picked them up today. They are super-pricey, but very very good. The amount of changeableness on them is insane. you can’t even adjust the car’s driver seat this much. I think it’s improved my typing as well. It’s gonna take a bit to get […]

Work at Home Wednesdays: Step up what you already have

For today’s WAHW post, I want to talk about quick ways to pull in some funds. I had been tossing around this idea in my mind earlier this week, and a few outside sources all came together to really push home that this was the post to write this week. 😀 Since it is just […]

How Moms can make money online – part 3 – the people who can help you

I’m not going to sit here and type up a big list of famous people online or off, or tell you I “made it” through hard work and a little luck, because… ugh, that’s for feel-good self help books. In some senses, I’m still fumbling around like the rest of you, and I sure don’t […]

WAH Wednesdays – the freelance freefall

Last night, Meaghan, Emma and I were watching a show on tv and a bunch of people jumped out of an airplane. We talked about how working as a parachute tester would probably suck, and I said if I didn’t have any kids, I’d probably like to go skydiving for the thrill. I’m sure you’re […]