Don’t tell Emma

This is one of Emma’s Christmas gift.  I started it in February at my weekly quilting visit with my friend Win.  The pattern had to be something that did not require a lot of concentration as we talk more than we quilt.  It is a variation on the Chinese Coin pattern and the flip and stitch method.  If you would like more instructions on making a similar quilt, please leave a comment.  Jeanette, my quilt finisher, only had to do the binding this time but still did a lovely job

Emma saids that a quilt is made with love in every stitch.  Not only is this quilt made with love in every stitch, it is also made with memories. Each piece of fabric either was part of a previous quilt I’ve made or a scrap from her mother’s sewing basket.  Pieces of baby dresses made for Emma, Sarah and Meaghan, scraps from Addison’s pyjamas, cloth napkins made for Sunday dinners all form part of this quilt.  Bound together by Emma’s favourite colour, yellow, which makes everyone happy.

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  1. It looks wonderful. I’m sure she’ll enjoy it. I just finished a quilt top intended for my children to use. I used a bright yellow as a thin inner border. Thanks for sharing your work with us.

  2. that’s lovely. i love the idea of a quilt made out of outgrown clothes and other things like that but it must take so long to save up all the fabric!

  3. Jade, with a lot of growing kids it doesn’t take long at all. 5 years? 10? 😀 Less if you’re sewing things for them.

    just save a few pieces of clothing instead of handing them down.

  4. What a fresh approach to Chinese Coins! How did you do it? I would love more details on its cutting and construction.

  5. I like your quilts- I need some new ideas for my works.-I make quilts for QFK in UK- ( as you an see on my link) may I have the “inches” you have for Chinese Coins? privetly if you want- thanks Luisa- Genova Italy

  6. I would love detail on making the Chinese coins quilt. You did a marvelous job. I love the colors and layout…very attractive. Thanks for offering to share! Pam (from MN Quilters at Yahoo groups)

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