Happy Saturday, happy selvage.

The Saturday morning rose was especially pretty this morning.  My DH buys me a rose each and every Saturday, what a perfect way to start the weekend. I’m one lucky girl!

I finally made something from the jar of fabric selvages I’ve been saving.   My pockets and purse is usually stuffed with loose Kleenex, so when I found a pattern for a tissue holder I knew it was for me.

 For the tissue holder, cut one light coloured foundation piece and one interior piece of fabric 6 1/2″ X 7″.

Arrange the selvage on the foundation piece in a pleasing pattern. I chose to show the Color windows, those little circles on the selvage, on every fourth selvage. Sew the first selvage at the edge of the foundation piece. It is your choice whether to show the original fabric but I showcased the selvage. Cover the entire foundation piece with the selvage.






Once the foundation piece is completely covered with sewn selvage, turn it over and trim off the excess.






Place the right sides of the foundation piece and the fabric together.

Sew 1/4 inch from the outside edge of the fabric, leaving a 1 to 2 inch opening on the 7 inch side of the fabric. This is for turning the fabric right side out.
Turn the fabric, iron and sew the opening.   When turning the fabric, I found a bone folder handy.  It helped push the fabric through the opening and to straighten the points.


With the selvage side on top, bring the short edges to the middle, this shows your interior fabric. Sew ¼ inch from the edge on each end.






Turn the selvage side out. Tuck in your package of tissue.  Your tissue will stay neat and clean in it’s own happy selvage holder.


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  1. Thanks for dropping by Sharyn. Had a chance to check your blog as well, and added it to my Google reader. Love the pictures of your puppies, can’t imagine anyone leaving them in the woods.

  2. Very nice idea!! I love your little tissue holder!!
    PS I have one of those sweet hubbies, too! ;o)
    All the best! Mary Ann in Denmark

  3. lovely! Andrea was hoping I’d share some of my selvedges with you, but I’m saving them up for something as lovely as this! 😀

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