Don’t forget the sun screen

It’s a balmy 9 degrees at the Point and Himself is itching to start gardening.  Despite the few feet of snow covering the field, he had to get his “garden” fix.   This was the scene a couple of weeks ago when he went searching for the cold frames.  Buried under a pile of snow waist high they were not easy to find.


We enjoyed fresh greens from the cold frames right up to Christmas Day.  Shortly after that between the snow and a vole who thought he found the perfect place to live for the winter, we stopped harvesting.


Today with renewed determination and probably a bit of sun stroke brought on by the beautiful weather, Himself once again trudged through the snow.

Armed with a thermometer he tested the inside air temperature.  It was an incredible 35 degrees Celsius, he dug down 4 or 5 inches and the soil was 19 degrees.  No sign of the vole though, it’s probably suffering from sun stroke too.