A gem of a recipe


With all the cold and snow lately every one needs an extra boost of vitamin C and what better way to get it then with lemon marmalade. I’m a huge lemon fan. I’ll drink hot water and lemon until my teeth ache. Lemon slices marinated in honey is my favourite way to ward off a cold.  Lemon pie, lemon bread, lemon yogurt cake. Don’t even get me started on lemon Greek yogurt.

On Friday I stayed in town after work to visit with a good friend. After a fine supper of fish chowder, she set out a platter of fresh tea biscuits and an assortment of homemade jams and jellies to enjoy with our tea. The highlight  was lemon marmalade. What a treat. It’s sweet and sharp all at the same time. Perfect with tea biscuits, I know it will be a great sauce drizzled over pound cake topped off with fresh whip cream. The original recipe called for oranges but lemons are better.  One pound of sugar equals 2 cups.  I halved the recipe and used 5 cups of sugar, making 8 cups of marmalade.


– 2 pounds  organic lemons
– Wash and cover  lemons with water and bring to a boil
– Simmer with lid on until skins are tender
– When cold, remove from water (save water)
– Cut fruit in half and scoop out (don’t throw away anything)
– Separate seeds from the fruit and the pith
– Strain and save the liquid from the fruit and pith and throw away the pith.
– Boil the seeds in all the saved water for 10 minutes
– Cut rinds however you like for the marmalade

– Remove seeds from the water, add about 4 lbs of sugar (taste it) and boil ’til it reaches jelly stage with a thermometer or test it on a cold plate to see how it runs…add chopped rinds nearer to the end to avoid turning them into ‘leather’.

Usually I put my jams and jellies in a hot water bath but my friend insures me the marmalade stores very well in the refrigerator.