Another day of fine cooking

It is plus 5 in the sun on the east side of our home.  And wait for it………………it’s not snowing!  For the first time in a few weeks we awoke to a bright and sunny Sunday morning.

Sunday is my day to cook and bake (it’s a great way to avoid housework).  Each Saturday morning I write out the menu for the upcoming week.  Sunday is the day to cook anything that needs extra time, that can easily be reheated through the week.

Today’s choice is Beef barley and butternut squash stew from the Oct/Nov 2010 edition of Fine Cooking magazine.


Arugula, Carrot & Celery Root Almond salad is suggested for the side.  Luckily  I just happen to have purchased a bag of Arugula yesterday.   In the fall Himself planted argula in the cold frames.  We harvested and enjoyed this incredible green until Christmas Day.  I can’t wait for spring and our first crop of arugula.

The original magazine includes a recipe for Blue Cheese croutons but I’ll serve the stew with buttermilk tea biscuits.  These were made by my friend’s 92 year mother and are as light as angel’s wings.

Neither Himself or I are non- drinkers.  The wine in the stew gives the smell of a brewery to the house.   We are not big beef eaters either, but happen to have a piece of chuck from our purchase of organic hamburger.

Years ago I purchased a cast iron dutch oven which is the perfect dish for braising recipes.   The stew will be ready when we returning from snow shoeing this afternoon.

Enjoy your Sunday, I know we will.