It’s official, after spending the past few evenings moving fabric from upstairs to my newly built basement sewing room, there is not doubt about it.    I suffer from an extreme and highly contagious case of SABLE.  Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy. My sewing room runneth over with bins, boxes and bags of scraps.

Last Saturday it became apparent that my daughter Andrea is suffering from the same inflection.  We traveled to Fredericton to celebrate my son in law Ron’s 50th birthday.   Lunch consisted of Chinese take away (so Andrea and I could check out the craft sale at the mall).  The birthday celebration came to an abrupt end when Andrea and I left to take in the Fredericton Quilters Guild Symphony of Spring quilt show.  This was followed by more stash buying at our favourite shop, Christmas Crab Quiltery.

Before, during and after the celebration Andrea and I talked about fabric, fondled fabric, ogled quilts, reviewed fabric on line, purchased more fabric and added quilt ideas to our long suffering “Quilts I’ll make before I die” list.

I forgot to mention that the visit was also in honour of Andrea’s 45th birthday (earlier in the month).  And what did I give her, a gift certificate to Sew Sisters.   What the heck, if SABLE is incurable we may as well enjoy it.

Speaking of fabric stash, here’s the completed Strip Off quilt sent to Julia last Christmas.  I completed the top (barely denting my fabric stash) and Andrea did the quilting.    Each block was quilted with a different pattern and a whole lot of love.

Julia's quilt backing Julia's quilt





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  1. But since then I’ve stocked up on patterns and used the gift card for books, so I’m totally fine. Right?

    Besides, we need the patterns and books to use up the fabric! BRILLIANT!

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