Sweet dreams are made of this……….

Living in a small home, storage space is at a premium.   One soon learns to find it where one can.   Our bedrooms have built in floor to ceiling book cases, over every door a shelf has been built to hold items not required on a daily basis.  If there is a space we build a closet or a shelf.

Underneath my bed was a wasteland for dust bunnies (sometimes multi-generational) and bins of fabric.   When I recently decided to downsize my bed size (queen to a double) to save floor space, I decided to up rise the bed.

Luckily, we know a carpenter who understands what I want built better than I could ever express.  Armed with a vague plan and a lot of arm waving, I was able to describe the bed of my dreams.   The bed had to be solid wood, with huge drawers to hide bedding and next season’s clothing.  It had to be a particular height as well for when I’m old and feeble I just want to back into my bed and flop. The bed had to be built in two sections for easy carrying in case we ever move.  And the colour had to be between mahogany and American oak.


And due to my allergies, it had to be stained and painted inside and out before being delivered.  Himself had a only two requests, it had to be sturdy with no knobs protruding.  Apparently he thinks I cram dresser drawers too full and that I curse like a sailor whenever I stub my toe on a bed frame.


John hit all the marks with his carpentry skills.


He even built a frame for the bed to sit on. It’s the perfect size for my feet to slide under, not a stubbed toe in sight.



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