Hodge podge

hodge podgeGrowing up I don’t remember eating hodge podge.   I do remember everyone talking about it though, the minute new potatoes and vegetables hit the farmer’s markets.

I can not remember making a pot of it ever.  Today all that has changed.  Himself is an incredible gardener.   We have an over abundance of veggies, tri colour carrots, pod peas, sugar peas, beets, green beans, tri-colour beans, Swiss chard, kale, the three sisters (corn, pole beans and squash).  Not to mention onions (red and white) cucumbers, 4 varieties of tomatoes, tat soi, filet beans, and spaghetti sauce.  I’ve probably forgot a few, there is so much growing in our garden.    Between each row of veggies, is a row of flowers for the bee pollinators, we have a bee hive as well.

How blessed we are to eat pesticide free vegetables 5 minutes from earth to table.

I followed the recipe for Maritime Hodge Podge at  http://laurastastes2011.blogspot.ca/2013/08/maritime-hodgepodge.html ,

She stated  “If you haven’t made hodgepodge before, here is a simple recipe you can use as a guideline”.  

The hodge podge was delicious, especially served with fresh white bread made by our 92 year old friend.