It’s a wrap

Finally after posting about this quilt no less than 5 times since 2009, Summer Trellis is done.

No one can call me a quitter, considering I’ve been working on this quilt since 2001. A procrastinator maybe, but never a quitter. After looking closely at the seams on this light weight quilt, I’m surprised people call me a quilter. There are a few seams I will need to redo. Boy have I learned a lot about sewing through trial and error.
I really think it’s the quilt’s fault. I finished the top last fall, after my daughter forced helped me put all of my UFO’s (unfinished objects) in separate bags with clear notes detailing what had to be done for completion. Andrea, blessed child that she is, threatened cajoled me into promising that I would not begin another quilt under I finished the ones I had started .
I laboured and successfully completed the pile. This pretty little quilt was delivered to Andrea along with the rainbow quilt, Julia’s Christmas quilt and a few others. She finished the rest in record time but never got around to Summer Trellis.
It’s a true summer time quilt with a thin sheet for batting, hence light enough to use on your bed in the summertime. Andrea enjoys free motion quilting but with a thin batting her choices were limited.
Finally last month with my birthday looming ahead and no present bought, Andrea did the next best thing. She finished the quilt and gave it to me for my birthday. Aren’t I blessed to have such a thoughtful daughter?

And don’t I have the cutest assistant?


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  1. Your quilt is lovely. It’s a good feeling to have a project like this finished, isn’t it? Thanks for visiting my blog and entering the giveaway. Good luck and have a nice weekend. ~ Nancy

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