Heating up the kitchen

I’ve been so busy lately I forgot to post this entry from two weeks ago.

Finally a break in the weather. The past two weeks have been extremely hot and humid. Our heat pump decided to break down just as the mass of hot sticky air moved into the Maritimes. As if the weather and broken down air conditioner weren’t enough, Himself and I decided it was time to start canning our abundance of produce.
Actually I decided and Himself was smart enough to just nod his head in agreement having barely survived the” hot flash” years.
We canned blueberry syrup and blueberry concentrate after purchasing a five pound box of blueberries at the local growers for $13.00. Himself also brought home a 10 pound bag of raked blueberries for $3.00. He thought it was a wonderful bargain until it came time to pick out the twigs and leaves.
We spent a hot and steamy Sunday in the kitchen cutting, dicing, sterilizing and preparing 9 pints of three bean salad. When you consider the time spent, including the cost of energy, there really isn’t much of a saving. The joy comes in seeing the finished bottles sitting in the pantry, made by hand from your own pesticide free garden grown produce.
Months from now in the deep dark days of winter, when a bottle of preserves is retrieved from the cold room, the reassuring “pop” when the lid opens and that first taste will make it all worth- while.

The recipe for three bean salad can be found here